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Communities of Abilene Federal Credit Union offers the following additional services to our members.

Call, email or stop by one of our branches and request any of these services quickly and easily.

Money Orders Personal & Commercial

Money orders work just like a check. You can use them to pay bills or any other payments. There is a maximum limit per money order. They are also easy to use. To give you peace of mind, money orders can be traced if lost or stolen. A fee is charged for all money orders, check the Schedule of Fees for applicable charges.

Additional Services

  • Safe Deposit Boxes available in four sizes – 3×5, 3×10, 5×10 and 10×10. The safe deposit box rental fee is prorated on date rented. Annual rental fee is due January 1 of each year. The rental fee is conveniently debited from your Share Savings or Draft Checking account. If keys are lost, there is a redrilling fee charged based on current vendor prices.
  • Notary Public – an official state licensed witness to a signature. The member must sign the document to be notarized, in the presence of the Notary and have a signed picture identification with them. They serve as a legal witness to the signing of any document and the service is free. The Notary acknowledge documents with their own signature and notary seal. To schedule an appointment, call, email or stop by one of our branches.
  • Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (S.T.A.M.P.) is a free Signature Guarantee service. To transfer ownership of your stock, you must have your signature “guaranteed” by a member of S.T.A.M.P. A Notary Public certification is not acceptable for this purpose. The medallion signature guarantee is secured by a surety bond and protects you and the transfer agent from the economic consequences of a fraudulent transfer of your stock.